'European Union Studies: 'An ever closer Union? The EU in crisis'

This summer programme aims to provide students with a profound introduction to Europe and the European Union in particular. Starting off with sessions on European history, international law and theories on European cooperation, students will then gain knowledge about three overarching topics in EU Studies at the three different venues of this programme respectively:

  • Munich, June 3 to 17: policy-making in the EU
  • Prague, June 17 to 23: Eastern European perspectives
  • Vienna, June 23 to 29: the EU in international affairs

All sessions will not only introduce students to the EU but relate these overarching topics to current crisis phenomena in the EU: the EU's sovereign debt crisis, migration crisis, Brexit, and issues in transatlantic relations while improving relations to Asian states. For more detailed information, please see the following documents:

All sessions are based on an interdisciplinary approach combining different methodologies such as lectures, group work and student presentations. Moreover, by staying at different European cities students will not only learn more about Europe in class but also by practically experiencing different European cultures and perspectives on the EU.