European Studies Programme: Munich-Prague-Vienna

Course: June 3 - June 28, 2019 in Munich, Prague and Vienna
Arrival Munich: June 2, 2019
Departure Vienna: June 29, 2019



'An ever closer Union? The European Union in crisis'

The European Union is the most prominent example of how regional integration works. At the same time, however, disagreement on how to deal with conflicts on the handling of refugee flows from the Middle East as well as the still looming sovereign debt crisis seem to show the limits of European consensus and solidarity. Time and again, national particularities appear at odds with the common interests. Public opinion has become less favorable with regard to European cooperation than it had been in the past, with the United Kingdom having decided to exit the Union. Internationally, the EU is triggered to re-consider its global role given the US administration’s isolationist tendencies. Against the backdrop of crises, will the EU get on as an ever closer Union?

Advance your career and widen your network

As a result of participting in this summer programme, students will

  • visit three different European countries and immerse into their culture
  • develop a deep understanding of European history, European politics and current crises
  • receive 6 ECTS credits for their performance in class
  • strengthen their soft skills and rhetoric
  • get to know established researchers and equally ambitious students
  • benefit of an interdisciplinary learning environment

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